New Nikon DLSR Camera Coming January 2012

Nikon Rumors has made a statement regarding a major new camera announcement which is to take place before PMA in Las Vegas. The date given was January 6, 2012 and the indication is that the camera may be the Nikon D4. While more is apparently known about the D800, it looks like we may see the D4 announced first. There have been few leaks and rumors about the D4, but it will be aimed at sports, and low-light photographers who need high frame rate and high-ISO to capture their images. Expect a 16MP camera with expanded ISO range upwards of 200,000 and frame rate of 11 fps. The professional flagship DSLR is expected to ship by the end of January, 2012. (Source: Nikon Rumors)

Perhaps Nikon is waiting for Canon to announce the 5D Mk III before they bring the D800. Canon has already announced the 1D X which has specs very close to the rumored D4. The 1D X is expected to be released March 2012.

4 thoughts on “New Nikon DLSR Camera Coming January 2012

  1. I wish to buy a Nikon full format low noise camera for landscapes, cityscapes and travel.
    Thank you.
    Leslie Fass

    • If you can wait a few weeks, the D800 would be an excellent choice. It is expected to be 36 megapixels in a body the size of the D700 but cost around $4,000. If you need something today, the D700 provides low noise, full frame sensor and a reasonable size, and $2,700 or less but only 12 megapixel. If you don’t need full frame the D7000 would also make a nice choice, it is smaller, lighter and costs less than a D700, and has relatively low noise as well as 16 megapixels. One reason to choose the smaller sensor for tavel is for a lighter package, including light lenses.

  2. Could you compare the Nikon 700 to the D7000. What are the advantages of a full format. I subscribe to the New Mexico Highways magazine and aspire to take pictures like the ones in their annual photo contest. I live in Austin and know their classes I can take to help me when I have made my purchase.

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