Adobe Camera Raw 6.7 Release Candidate adds D800 and D800E support

Adobe CS5

Adobe has added new camera and lens profiles for Camera Raw for Photoshop CS5. The new version 6.7 is currently a release candidate. It has gone through initial testing and is available for download, but may be further revised before it is widely distributued to all customers.

Camera Raw 6.7 adds support for Nikon D800, D800E as well as D4 as well as lens profile for the new Nikon 85mm 1.8G lens. Additional support for Canon and Fuji camera and profiles for Tokina and Sigma lenses are included with this release as well.

This release candidate is set expire on May 31, 2012, by which time the final release is expected to be available. The final release may also contain additional cameras and lens profiles.

Download ACR 6.7 release candidate:

3 thoughts on “Adobe Camera Raw 6.7 Release Candidate adds D800 and D800E support

  1. I have downloaded the camera raw 6.7 release candidate, removed it several times, and re-installed same without success at viewing RAW files taken with my new Nikon D800. I have contacted Adobe and the individual who worked with me apologetically indicated that this is a temporary download and has some bugs. Doesn’t seem compatible with what I read in a few forums. If anyone has an answer for me I would very much appreciate some guidance.

  2. I also downloaded the Camera Raw & it doesn’t work with CS5 & my D800. Big disappointment & frustration!!!

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