CompactFlash Card Compatibility with Nikon D800

Nikon D800 Card Slots CF SDSome users of the D800 are reporting problems when using certain CF cards with the Nikon D800. When inserting an incompatible card into the D800, the camera will give an error (CARD ERR). The D800 will not be able to read or format incompatible cards. Most of the compatibility problems seem to occur when using off-brand or cheap CF cards.

The Nikon D800 manual has a list of cards that have been tested and approved for use in the D800 (page 435). To assure compatibility, use a CompactFlash card from Sandisk or Lexar. These cards are approved by Nikon and chosen by professionals for their reliability.

Some CompactFlash cards reported to cause errors with the Nikon D800:
Kingston Ultimate 16GB 600x CF card
Kingston Ultimate 32GB 600x CF card
Kingston Ultimate 32GB 266X CF card
Duracell High Speed 32GB 600x CF card
ProMaster UltraMax 16GB CF card
Hama High Speed Pro 8GB CF card

CompactFlash cards confirmed to work with the Nikon D800:
Sandisk Extreme Pro CF cards
Lexar Professional CF cards

Also see this list of recommended CompactFlash and SD cards to use with the D800.

17 thoughts on “CompactFlash Card Compatibility with Nikon D800

  1. I just tested the Maxell CF card MaxDada on my new Nikon D800.

    Please see specs bellow.
    It doesn’t work!!!!

  2. Kingston 16GB Extreme Pro 133x FAILS
    Kingston 16GB Ultimate 266x FAILS

    I have several older smaller (2-4GB) very cheap no-name cards that work just fine though.

  3. I have also discovered that the Delkin UDMA 6 8 Gig compact flash cards will not work with the Nikon D800. Wondering if they will work with the Nikon D4? The Delkin sd cards in the 8 gig formate work fine, however.

  4. NIKON D800
    ADATA 32GB CF 533x works fine
    TRANSCEND 32GB CF 600x works fine
    TRANSCEND 32GB CF 400x works fine

  5. I took some test shots with a D4 this last weekend, took along my otherwise trusty old SANDISK Ultra II, 2GB CF cards, 2 different generations of them. the D4 refused to format either one but it still wrote and played back the files OK (whew!)

  6. Flash Raptor Memory Tools (32 GB-600X):
    Doesn’t work on my D800. Works on my good old D200…

    Voigon Compact Flash (16GB-200X)
    Works on my D800.

  7. I have just taken 1300 pictures with a Lexar Platinum II 8GB CF card. About 10 of them came in with obvious glitches. Can’t decide if this is a card issue or a camera issue. Switching to SanDisk for now.

  8. I have 2
    64 Gb Pixelflash ultimate speed series 566x Cf cards.

    they both work perfect on d3s but NOT on D800

  9. Hello Serdar,

    Thank you for posting your feedback of our PixelFlash Ultimate Series Cards. We are happy to report all of our CF Cards have been updated for compatibility with the D800 and D4; without having to wait for Nikon’s upcoming firmware update.

    If you have any PixelFlash card that experience a compatibility issue, please contact us directly for assistance.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Care

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