Nikon D800 Available Again for Pre-order on Amazon

Nikon D800 FrontAmazon has the Nikon D800 and D800E available for pre-order again. Initially, Amazon opened the D800 pre-order on February 6 but quickly closed the pre-order the next day on February 7 due to overwhelming demand. The camera is again available for pre-order.

It is possible that Amazon has confirmation from Nikon about the number of cameras they will receive. Amazon will fill orders as inventory becomes available and is generally very conservative about the number of pre-orders they will accept before closing a pre-order. Ordering through Amazon now will probably mean a relatively quick delivery compared with other dealers who have been accepting pre-orders for over a month continuously.

Recently, Amazon has been the first to list new cameras for pre-order and has the capability to obtain a large quantity and fill orders quickly. They currently state the Nikon D800 “will be released on March 20.” This is sooner than the March 22 date previously quoted by other sources (including Nikon). Some stores receive cameras before the official release date; for example, some Best Buy retail stores received the Nikon D7000 three days before the official launch date.

Pre-Order at Amazon:
Nikon D800 at (USA)
Nikon D800E at (USA)

  • Amazon has a 30-day return policy, no restocking fee, and does NOT charge your card until the camera ships.

International Pre-Order Options:

Nikon D800 at (UK)
Nikon D800 at (Germany)
Nikon D800 at (France)
Nikon D800 at (Japan)

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5 thoughts on “Nikon D800 Available Again for Pre-order on Amazon

  1. OK.
    Based on the reputation of Amazon, I dropped my order from Adorama, and click “pre-order” at Amazon on 3/9. My pre-order at Adorama was 2/8 night. So, I thought that it would be quite late. Apparently, this decision seemed VERY WRONG. This morning, I got an e-mail from Amazon: it would be between 4/16 and 5/1.
    Really disappointed…. So, be careful with the well-known Amazon reputation!

    • It seems all Amazon pre-orders received a mid to late April estimated delivery, even the first pre-orders placed on Feb 6 and Feb 7. Amazon is sending confusing messages partially due to lack of reliable info from Nikon which affect all dealers and also from the way Amazon’s system handles pre-orders and backorder notices. All orders for that item seem to be getting the same notices, regardless of their position in their queue. B&H and Adorama have been reluctant to share any sort of information, but it is obvious they have quite a long list of pre-orders as well and not enough cameras to go around. It could be months before even the the initial pre-orders are filled, so a mid to late April date, if accurate, may not be so bad.

  2. A seller has listed a brand new on Amazon, for $2899. Says shipped within 24 hours by Fedex 48 hour service.
    Seller rating seems satisfactory. For some reason, its listed user used, but the description reads brand new.
    Should I bite the bullet?

    • It sounds too good to be true. The seller could easily get the retail price or more. There are a few things to watch out for with Amazon sellers. Sometimes a seller will try to get you to contact them to pay outside Amazon. I’ve seen some list their email address as a part of their username. Or a legitimate seller’s account may be compromised or someone can run the scam through a previously legitimate account. You can view their store and see if the current items listed are consistent with their feedback. A seller suddenly listing several big ticket items but all the feedback reflects books or low price items is a reason to be suspicious. If you do order through Amazon using a credit card you have protection, but it is always a hassle to have funds tied up while waiting for bad situation to be sorted out. On certain items, Amazon only allows premium sellers to list items as new; whereas individuals can only list as used.

  3. I have just received my D800 from the tax free shop of Dixons at Stansted Airport in the UK…
    Paid £2089.00!!!
    It is now at £2300.00, so still a bargain.
    Two week delivery time.

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