Top 10 Reasons a D800 Annoucement is Imminent…

  1. Many retailers (Adorama, B&H, Amazon, J&R, Calumet Photo, Ritz Camera) are out of stock on the D700 as of today.
  2. Some retailers have reported the D700 is discontinued and will not be restocked (Best Buy).
  3. The D700 was announced on July 1, 2008, making it the oldest DSLR in the current Nikon lineup.
  4. The D700 update/replacement is the most overdue DSLR in Nikon’s history. Nikon has updated their pro DSLR every 2 years: D1 1999, D1h & D1x 2001, D2 2003, D2x 2005, D2xs 2006, D3 2007, D3x 2008, D3s 2009, and their semi-pro every 2-3 years: D100 2002, D200 2005, D300 2007, D300s 2009.
  5. Various sources report that two new FX cameras will be announced together this year.
  6. Nikon has increased its sales forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012. We would expect to see new product release(s) to make this a reality.
  7. The $5000+ D3s is the only Nikon DSLR to offer full-frame video. We would expect Nikon would answer this with a lower priced video-capable full-frame camera very soon to compete with the current Canon 5D Mark II and the upcoming 5D Mark III.
  8. The D700 has the fewer megapixels (12.1)  than every camera in the current Nikon lineup (D3s also has 12.1); only the $450 D3000 has fewer megapixels (10.2) and has been updated already by the D3100.
  9. Beat the Canon 5D Mark III to market. Canon may release the 5D Mark III as early as 1st quarter 2012.
  10. Nikon has scheduled a major press announcement on August 24, 2011.