Nikon D800E Now Available at Best Buy

Nikon D800E Camera

The Nikon D800E is now available at Best Buy for in-store pickup. You can order the D800E (SKU 5483754) and pick it up from your local store. Many stores are currently showing that it can be available in-store in 5-7 days. Select “Check Stores” on the D800E item page on to find store locations and delivery estimates.

Best Buy has separate inventory for retail stores and their Internet fulfillment. Best Buy’s regional distribution system that allows individual stores to order and receive inventory separate from their web site order (direct to customer) fulfillment. The fastest way to get a D800E now is to order online but choose to pick up in-store at your local Best Buy store.

Previously Best Buy only listed the D800 and not the D800E available for sale. Nikon has been reported to only allow specific dealers access to the D800E who have staff who can explain the difference between the D800 and D800E to customers. The lack of a traditional anti-aliasing filter requires additional knowledge and care when shooting and processing photos for best results.

Update: The D800E is now listed as Not Available for in-store pickup. Check with your Best Buy for details. Some stores are able to place orders for out of stock items.

2 thoughts on “Nikon D800E Now Available at Best Buy

  1. I just checked the BestBuy website and they only say it is coming soon, and there is no indication of 5-7 days anywhere that I could find.

    • You can also try contacting your local Best Buy store. Some have been able to place an order for the D800 for later delivery.

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