Nikon Fimware Update v1.01 Released to Fix D800 Lock Up Issue

May 29, 2012 — Nikon Releases Firmware A:1.00 / B:1.01 for Nikon D800 and D4. The firmware update addresses three issues on the D800. The first issue is the occasional lock up experienced by some Nikon D800 uses when reviewing pictures with histogram enabled. The camera could possibly lock up and fail to respond, even when the power switch was turned to the off position. Removing the battery was required to reset the camera. The short term fix was to disable histogram; the new firmware fixes the issue.

The second issue involves the Wireless Transmitter WT-4. With certain settings, RAW images would to transfer even through the mode was set to JPEG only. This issue is fixed with the new firmware.

The final issue is a dark line that was sometimes created at the bottom of the image when using a combination of Active D-Lighting and picture area aspect ratio 5:4. The new firmware resolves this issue.

You can download the updated D800 firmware from Nikon USA:

Download Nikon D800 Firmware Update A:1.00 B:1.01