Nikon Wireless Transmitter for D800 (WT-4A)

The Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-4A for the Nikon D800 and compatible DSLR (D3, D700, D300) allows wireless control and image transfer using WiFi or wired Ethernet connection. Remote operation possible using optional Camera Control Pro 2 software.

Nikon WT-4A Wireless Transmitter


Wireless: WiFi a/b/g (IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11a)
Ethernet Wired LAN: 100BASE-TX (IEEE 802.3u)  and 10BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)

Range: 590 ft (b/g) and 850 ft (a)

Battery: EN-EL3e

Suggested Retail Price (Feb 2012): $1000.00 US Dollars

Nikon WT-4A Wireless Transmitter at Amazon
Nikon WT-4A Wireless Transmitter at Adorama
Order at B&H Photo for $699.00

Product Number: 25365

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