Nikon MB-D12 Battery Grip for D800 – Multi Power Battery Pack

Nikon MB-D12 Battery GripThe MB-D12 Battery Grip – Multi Power Battery Pack for Nikon D800. Provides frame rate capabilities up to 6fps continuous shooting in DX mode (5fps DX mode when used without). Also adds additional controls for vertical orientation shooting: shutter release button, AF-ON button and a multi-selector dial. The grip uses weather seals like those on the D800 body for dust and water resistance.

Released: March 2012

Alternatives to the Nikon D800 Battery Grip

Several 3rd party aftermarket battery grips are available for the D800. These are similar to the official Nikon Battery Grip, but are a significantly lower cost. They currently sell for around $60. These aftermarket grips are made of plastic, whereas the Nikon grip uses magnesium alloy in the frame.

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31 thoughts on “Nikon MB-D12 Battery Grip for D800 – Multi Power Battery Pack

    • The list price seems outrageous. If it is any consolation, the MB-D12 grip will be magnesium alloy and weather sealed like the camera body. It is probably only a matter of time before knock-off battery grips are available for a fraction of the price. See the D7000 for example: MB-D11 grip lists at $296.95 and selling at street price of $219, but knock-offs are available for as little as $35.

  1. First off, I am extremely pleased with the new Nikon D800 specs. I have been a long term Nikon user. I have already ordered mine and just assumed Nikon would produce a grip on par with the MB-D11 at the $250-300 USD price point. Since D12 has exactly the same controls , holds the same battery, and does nothing to improve the RAW FPS rate, I can’t see how Nikon can justify a $600+ price. This doesn’t even include a battery. Even $449 at Adorama seems ridiculous. I hope Nikon will read this and reconsider the price. Otherwise I would suspect the knock-off market will flurish on this one.

  2. the price is nuts its just a battery holder nothing more at half this price it would be overpriced

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  4. I have pre-ordered a D800, but after seeing the price of the MB-D12, I will probably cancel my order. I have the MB-D10 on my D700 and love it, but it also increased the frame rate to 8fps at half the MB-D12 asking price. I would have preferred a higher fps than the 36MP sensor. Nikon has made sure they eliminated sports photographers from purchasing the less expensive D800. They obviously want the D4 to be their only sports camera. I will now consider purchasing a D3S.

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  6. The D3s comes in at just over £3200 from internet sources, makes more sense money wise to go for the D3s rather than the D800, which is a great shame as it’s specs are just what I would go for in a new body. Nikon charging so much for the new battery grip is a joke (that is not in the slightest funny). Just bare a thought for your colonial cousins accross the pond, what you pay in dollars, we pay in pounds! so will cost us about 25% more!
    At the end of the day though it is still a brilliant camera and looks to beat just about anything else out there at present.

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  8. 450 is a joke. if it come with a screen with some info , At least i can understand a bit. Hope nikon will know the ppl who will buy a D800 like me. Prolly are serious Nikon user if not a nikon fans. Stop disappointment us pls ,

  9. Nikon, please get a grip on this power new MB-D12 grip (no pun intended) for the D800. I have been a Nikon user from about 1964 and still have all my lenses and bodies, a plenty, incl the F6 and D700. If you do not bring the price of this grip in line I may be looking at knock-off items for my new D800 in the future. I have been a Nikon purest and have never used anything but Nikon products for my Nikons.

    V/R KMW

  10. for that amount of money i can start my own sweatshop and build them myself and selling LOADS at $100… inc battery!

  11. I too have been a loyal customer of Nikon products since my first in 1978 and am annoyed at the overpricing of their accessories. This battery pack is another example. Its ridiculously over the top for what it is. I use a Combo set-up and need the pack to allow the camera to fit the system but I will certainly wait until a knock-off version comes on the market if they do not substantially reduce the price

  12. I’ll buy 3 knockoffs for 50$. Who cares if they break down. I don’t support a pricing policy like this.

  13. Hi sir i m interested for by d800e but MB-D12 grip is very High Rates i change my mind being this camera.

  14. dear manager
    im new with nikon camera but realy to buy a grip for d800 without battery it,s redeclus they should be change this systom to low a prices also include the battery also before lunch to the market

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  16. Really NIkon, shame on you. A hand grip that is almost a fourth of what the camera cost.

  17. I am disappointed Nikon elected to gouge it’s customers for the MB-D-12. There is no explanation in the description of why this unit is so much better or different to justify the grossly inflated price increase from previous models. My preference would be to keep all of my gear Nikon but they have opened the door for knock offs at a fraction of the price. Having been in global manufacturing and marketing with high tech companies for more than 40 years I guarantee you this is a failed strategy as it allows your knock off competition to come into the market, sell their product at half the price and still make handsome gross margins. There is nothing in the MB that will make the images any better so your buyers for this product are not captive. This is how companies begin to lose customer loyalty and enable their competition. My hope is someone in senior management sees what is happening here and forces the Product Managers to come to grips (so to speak) with market reality and a failed pricing strategy.

  18. I have a d7000 with a compatible battery grip almost identical to the original ..great. I will buy the beautiful d800 and sure a new compatible battery grip wake up Nikon!! Thanks meike..

  19. D 800 without MB D12 is bit difficult to digest, but do nikon people will think of reducing price to $200?

  20. I agree with all the posters. I have always used genuine Nikon parts but even the “new” price of 450.00 for the battery grip is nothing more then gouging. I’ll either go without the grip or purchase a knock off, and spend the money saved for a lens.

  21. Shame on Nikon!! Like others, life long Nikon user & will opt for “knock offs” This is no way to treat your customer base.

  22. If you are so upset about the price don’t buy it. Stop complaining. If you want it you get it, it will pay it’s self back in no time. I believe in getting the REAL NIKON stuff not cheap knock off’s. That’s my opinion.

    • We already said we wont buy it quack, but there is nothing wrong with letting Nikon know how its loyal customers feel. I have too much Nikon equipment to switch, but I too will but a substitute.

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