Which Camera Should I buy: Nikon D700 or D7000?

A reader, Jan Klattenhoff, recently asked for some advice about buying a Nikon camera:

Could you compare the Nikon 700 to the D7000. What are the advantages of a full format. I subscribe to the New Mexico Highways magazine and aspire to take pictures like the ones in their annual photo contest. I live in Austin and know their classes I can take to help me when I have made my purchase.

This is a great question. Both cameras are capable of capturing amazing images. The main difference here is full frame (FX) D700 vs crop sensor (DX) D7000. You have to evaluate your needs to find the one that best suits you. I will try to summarize the main differences.

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Nikon D800 to be announced on February 7, 2012.

Nikon D800

The Nikon D800 is set to be announced just before the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Japan. The date had been reported previously as a new product announcement, but Nikon Rumors has confirmed that the new product will be the much anticipated D800.

The camera will feature a 36MP sensor capable of delivering outstanding detail. It will sit alongside the new flagship D4. The Nikon D800 will be aimed at landscape and studio photographers, as well as those requiring a more compact full-frame camera capable of delivering high resolution images.