Nikon D810 Preorder and D800 Ordering Information

Nikon D800 order now! Here are the latest deals on the Nikon D800 and D810! Below you will find the latest links to instant rebates and offers for the D800 and D800E.

NEW Nikon D810 Preorder!
Nikon D810 at Amazon
Nikon D810 at Adorama
Nikon D810 at B&H Photo

This page UPDATED June 26, 2014.

Nikon D800 at Amazon – Save $200 + Free DSLR gadget bag, tripod, and 32GB memory card + 2% Rewards
Nikon D800E at Amazon –Save $300 + Free DSLR gadget bag, tripod, and 32GB memory card + 2% Rewards

  • Amazon has a 30-day return policy, no restocking fee, and does NOT charge your card until the camera ships.

B&H Photo
Nikon D800 Refurbished at B&H Photo $2399!
Nikon D800 at B&H Photo Save $200 + Free Accessories + 4% Reward
Nikon D800E at B&H Photo Save $300 + Free Accessories + 4% Reward

  • B&H offers free shipping, a 30-day return policy and no restocking fee. Note: B&H WILL authorize the full amount on your credit card at the time of order. Make sure you have funds available before placing your order.

Nikon D800 Refurbished at Adorama $2399!
Nikon D800E Refurbished at Adorama (not currently available)
Nikon D800 at Adorama Save $200 + Free Accessories + 4% Reward
Nikon D800E at Adorama Save $300 + Free Accessories + 4% Reward

  • Adorama offers Free Shipping, a 30-day return policy, no restocking fee and does NOT charge your card until the camera ships!

Nikon D800 at Cameta
Nikon D800E at Cameta

  • Cameta offers a wide variety of kit options, many with extra bonus items included. Also many refurbished deals and Cameta extends the warranty to 1 year. Offering a 30-day return policy for full refund.

Samys Camera
Nikon D800 at Samys Camera
Nikon D800E at Samys Camera

Nikon D800 at

  • offers Free Shipping, a 45-day return policy with no restocking fee, and items can be returned to any Target store.

Unique Photo
Nikon D800 at
Nikon D800E at

  • Free Shipping, 14-day return policy.

Nikon D800 at
Nikon D800E at

  • Free Shipping, 30-day return policy, you are not charged until your order ships.

Abt Electronics
Nikon D800 at

  • Free Shipping, 15-day return policy on digital cameras, 15% restocking fee on unopened items. You can return by mail or to their retail store near Chicago.

Amazon (International)
Nikon D800 at (UK)
Nikon D800 at (Germany)
Nikon D800 at (France)
Nikon D800 at (Italy)
Nikon D800 at (Japan)
Nikon D800E at (Japan)

The D800 Has Been Announced!

Given the amazing price and features there is extremely high demand for the new camera. If you wait until the D800 is actually released and shipping, it will be very hard to obtain. If you want to get the new Nikon D800 as soon as possible, it would be wise to pre-order it from a dealer or retailer as soon as possible. This page contains information about how to pre-order based on previous experience with recent Nikon Digital SLR camera announcements.

Want to get the D800 first? The Camera is expected to ship in late March. Based on recent camera announcements if you wait and try to get it then, you will probably be left waiting a lot longer before you can actually get one. The solution? Order as soon as it is available to be pre-ordered, usually just after it is announced (which is now)!

When it comes to pre-orders, all the major online mail-order sources are offering the D800. You want to get in SOON, because when they get too many orders on their waiting list, they close their pre-orders.

Here is a list of major retailers and their pre-order and return policies:

  • Adorama Charges when it ships, 30 day return policy, no restocking fee.
  • B&H Photo authorizes your card when you place the order, 30 day return policy and no restocking fee
  • Amazon Charges when it ships, 30 day return policy and no restocking fee

In addition to the mail order options, you may be able to find the camera at a local retailer. Your local camera store may offer a waiting list, so should check into that. The disadvantage of buying local is that you will have to pay sales tax. The advantage is that you won’t be waiting for your camera to ship, you can just pick it up (assuming your retailer has the camera). In addition there are some larger retailers that may offer the camera such as Best Buy.

After announcement, it will take a month or two for the D800 to actually ship. Nikon has a tentative date of around March 18-22 for the first shipment. This is when Nikon plans to release the cameras to dealers. Looking at the recent D7000 release: announcement made September 15th, 2010, the officially launched on October 17th, but was available first at Best Buy as early as October 14th (and some retail stores sold it early!). It began shipping from Amazon and B&H beginning October 20th and Adorama on October 21st. Note, these dates are the earliest that the stores were shipping cameras, but only those who got in early on their pre-order list were able to get cameras that soon. If you wait just a few days to get in on the pre-order it may take longer, in some cases weeks or months, to actually get the camera. The other dealers and local camera stores were getting cameras around the same time as these ship dates, but the camera moved very quickly, often disappearing hours after stock arrived.

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    • I don’t know whether Best Buy will carry it. Their customer tends to be consumer/amateur, whereas the D300E is more of a specialty/niche/pro type camera. Previously the D700 was Best Buy’s highest level camera. I don’t think they carried the D3 or D3X. They list the D3s but it is from a third-party seller and not direct. What is interesting is they do list the D4 as “coming soon.”

  1. I don’t believe the D800 even exists. I ordered one from B&H on Feb 16, 2012, more than a month before its so-called release date of March 22, 2012.

    It’s now April 21, 2012 (a month after Nikon’s release date) and my camera order status at B&H is still “backordered.” Something tells me B&H is giving out cameras to their friends first. They say they send them them out first come, first served, but do I know what order I’m in? No. They didn’t tell me I’m “D800 order number 300 and we’ve sent one to customer 275, so be patient.” They don’t communicate to me at all.

    I don’t think I’ll use B&H again as a trusted supplier. Should have gone with Amazon.

    • B&H did this to me before when I pre-ordered a Manfrotto 504HD fluid head. I waited months. Then I complained and suddenly the head arrived. I think it’s a matter of who knows who who gets the service.

    • Well, B&H sent me an update, informing me they have no idea when my camera is coming in, nor do they know how many cameras they are going to get from Nikon USA.

      Sounds like Nikon could do a better job of communicating to their suppliers.

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