Nikon D800 will be 36.3 megapixels

Digicame Info has confirmed the Nikon D700 successor will be called the Nikon D800.

Specs include:

  • 36.3 megapixels
  • 4 frames per second continuous shooting in body only
  • 6 frames per second will be used to DX mode with the optional battery pack
  • improved resolution by eliminating the low-pass filter
  • Full HD video in 1920x1080p 30fps
  • External sound input
  • Available wireless transmitter
  • 86K pixel split control, AF, exposure, white balance, etc.
  • Face Recognition AF feature
  • Larger LCD monitor with automatic brightness adjustment
  • Two media cards slots: CF and SD cards
  • Shutter life rated 200,000 cycles.
  • Price approximately $4,000
  • The announcement will be made October 26, 2011 with release on November 24.

Further information suggests that the D3S successor (the D4) will be released in February 2012. The camera will provide 18 megapixels at 10 to 11 frames per second. The AF system will also be improved. The D3X will likely disappear without a successor.

Nikon Rumors has reporting receiving some additional info and gives a 99% probability to the name “D800″ and the sensor size of 36MP.