A Look Inside: D800 Production at Nikon Factory in Sendai, Japan

Nikon Sendai Factory - Assembly

The Nikon D800 is being produced in Nikon’s Sendai, Japan factory. Select members of the media were recently invited for a special tour. Photography was prohibited inside the building, but they were able to extract some interesting information about D800 production.

The Nikon Sendai plant is capable of pumping out the D800 at nearly one camera per minute rate. This means they can make up to 30,000 of the D800 per month. Each camera contains over 1,600 individual parts. Some of the components are produced at the factory, while others come from various locations. It takes about 4 hours to build a D800 from start to finish. The plant is also producing the flagship D4 camera.

The factory incurred significant damage as a result of the 2011 earthquake. Luckilly it was able to escape the floodwaters of the ensuing tsunami, and none of its 1,600 employees were injured. Nikon spent over $100 million on repairs and had the factory back up and running in under a month.

Sources: CNET Asia, bernama.com
Photo: Nikon

5 thoughts on “A Look Inside: D800 Production at Nikon Factory in Sendai, Japan

  1. Sendai is near the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.
    Hope that Nikon makes sure their products are kept away from any radioactive waste.

  2. I’m far more concerned about the workers building the products. If the folks building the cameras are safe, I’m sure the cameras will be just fine.

  3. Lets see 30 thousand a month production , working on one million backorders .
    It’s going to be a long year .

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