The Official Nikon D800 Pictures

Just days before the official release of the D800, these pictures of the Nikon D800 were posted on the Brazilian web site

The side view of the camera shows the HDMI, USB, headphone and mic connector door. Also seen is the White Balance/Quality/Bracket/ISO selector on top of the mode dial, pop-up flash, manual/auto focus lever, and white lens alignment dot.

The front view shows the front dial, ergonomic grip and shutter release. Exposure compensation and dedicated video recording buttons sit next to the shutter release. A mode button sits on top of the camera as well.

The top panel includes a focal plane indicator, as well as a familiar LCD layout


See the Nikon D800 Press Release

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    • I am hearing WT-4 / WT-4A compatible only. Perhaps the D800 was designed before the D4 and WT-5? The D800 also lacks the Ethernet port of the D4.

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