DxO tests the D800E, gives it highest score yet.

DxO: Nikon D800 vs D800E

DxO Labs has tested the D800E and given it a 96, the highest score awarded to date by the independent test lab. When DxO tested the D800 last March, they awarded it a 95. The two tests are so similar they conclude the results are “practically identical.” The differences between the D800 and D800e are small and the tests show this in absolute numbers. DxO notes the slight differences in color depth would be indistinguishable to the human eye. The slight difference in ISO sensitivity “is within measurement tolerances.”

DxO has yet to release their in-depth tests, which will include lens tests. This will reveal more information about differences in sharpness and moire patterns between the D800 and D800e.

D800 vs D800E: DxO Color Sensitivity

D800 vs D800E: DxO Dynamic Range

D800 vs D800E: DxO ISO Sensitivity