4 thoughts on “Nikon MC-DC2 Remote Shutter Release

  1. I bought the MC-30 from you for my D700. I have ow ordered a D800 from you. Will the MC-30 work on the D800?

    I also have a buyer for my D700 but don;t want to let it go until I’m sure I will get the D800. Any time line for orders placed on Feb 7th?

    • Hi Steve. I’m not the retailer, but I can answer your first question. The MC-30 trigger release will work with the D800. Regarding delivey estimates: Nikon has stated the D800 will begin shipping to dealers toward the end of March. When you receive yours will depend your position on their list and the available supply that Nikon delivers. Preorders are filled on a first come basis.

  2. Hi – Can someone explain the difference between the MC-30 and the MC-DC2? They seem to do exactly the same thing.

    • The original info provided by Nikon incorrectly showed the MC-DC2 compatible with the D800. The correct remote release is the MC-30. The MC-30 uses the 10-pin connector on the front of the camera. The MC-DC2 uses a different connector which the D800 does not have.

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