Adorama now shipping D800 pre-orders

Adorama D800 order shippingAdorama is now shipping Nikon D800 pre-orders that were placed on February 7, 2012. Adorama periodically sent email reminders that the D800 was on backorder but provided no additional information. Retailers have been unable to share estimated shipping dates due to lack of information from Nikon about the number of cameras they will receive. Customers may also find the camera through another source and cancel their pre-order, leading to additional uncertainty.

Previously, Adorama had only shipped the D800 to NPS members who receive first priority per agreement with Nikon.

Email confirmations with tracking numbers were sent to customers whose cameras will be shipped today. A copy of the email is shown at left. Some customers have also reported that their Nikon D800E and D4 pre-orders are shipping from Adorama today.

Since last week Amazon has also been shipping more D800 pre-orders. One batch was sent out in the middle of the week, and another batch over the weekend.

16 thoughts on “Adorama now shipping D800 pre-orders

  1. So, if you ordered your D800 in Feb, and they are now shipping, that is a 3 month back-log. Would logic prevail and that I can expect my D800 aprox. 3 months after I ordered it in April?

    • It is impossible to extrapolate using these numbers. Adding more data may not help much: Many pre-orders were placed within the first hours up to about a day or two, after that the orders leveled off. Adorama is still trying to fill the first day or so of orders. Nikon has been slow getting the first cameras out: in the US the serial numbers on cameras being delivered from retailers are still below 10,000 (US has unique serial numbers), with many in the past week still around the 5,000 range. Also remember the first deliveries only started at the end of March, not the beginning of February when orders were first accepted. So we are 7 weeks into deliveries and under 10,000 cameras delivered to US. Going forward, I think deliveries will increase while the number of those on waiting lists will decrease as we get through the initial demand spike. But if you ordered in April, it could be several weeks or months before your camera is delivered. Did you order from Adorama?

      • Yes, I ordered from Adorama on April 16, 2012. I’m hoping that many who have pre-orders with a few different locations start to get their camera and thus shortening the waiting list at Adorama. I’m also hoping that my simple logic holds true, even if it took 4 months, I’m still ok, but I have a trip in Sept. and that is why I ordered it now, hoping that I will have it deliveried before my trip.

      • FWIW-My camera shipped from B&H yesterday (5/16/12) has an 11,XXX serial number.

        • May I ask when you ordered it and whether you are an NPS member?
          I am still waiting for mine

        • 11,xxx is interesting. Last week cameras shipped from Adorama with serial 8,xxx

  2. 10k units per week are leaving the plant. the E holdup is “paper” wrapping for the “filter” wasn’t ordered in enough quantity, therefor the “filter” vendor couldn’t ship to Nikon.
    gotta luv the convoluted specialization of globalization..

  3. I ordered my D800 on 2/8/12 from Ritz Camera and I’m obviously still waiting. Has anyone received a camera from Ritz or heard anything about/from them?

  4. Ordered a D800 from Adorama the evening of Feb. 8. Have not received nor have I received any delivery status information. Adorama’s “Check Order” site has shown “order pending” since Feb. 8.

  5. I just received an email yesterday morning from Ritz stating that they had shipped my D800 on the 15th, guess I should have posted sooner. Good luck to all who are waiting… just can’t be too much longer….

  6. Anybody knows anything about B&H situation? I ordered mine at the beginning of April. Thanks

  7. I orederd from B&H on the first day about 9:00 AM. They shipped my camera yesterday 5/16.

  8. I ordered my camera the morning of February 8th from Adorama. I’m still waiting, but hopeful it will be soon given they are beginning to make a dent in the pre orders from February 7

  9. Any new updates on more D800s shipping? Who has recieved theirs and when did they order it?

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