Pre-Order the Nikon D800 at B&H Photo

Use the following links to place your pre-order with B&H Photo:

Pre-order the D800 at B&H Photo Pre-order at $2,999.95 with Free Shipping!

Pre-order the D800E at B&H Photo Pre-order at $3,299.95 with Free Shipping!

Pre-order MB-D12 Battery Grip for D800 / D800E priced at $499.95

B&H offers a 30-day return policy with no restocking fee! Note: B&H will authorize the amount your credit card for the purchase at the time of order. Make sure you have available funds before placing your order.

More Nikon D800 Preorder options here.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Order the Nikon D800 at B&H Photo

  1. Hello,

    Important question. What country is the D800 made? China had had bad quality in the past (50/1.4 lens). Japan good. Thanks!

    Bill Eames

    • The D800 is made in Japan. Of course its components may come from other places. But final assembly is Japan, just like the D700, D3 and D4. (This info was confirmed by Nikon UK)

  2. Strangely enough they charged my card 100% upon order, but hey – with the exchange rate being at its peak – I’m happy. Just have to wait a month or so and bingo!!!

  3. I pre-ordered one of the new Nikon D800′s on the website on the “Release Date” of February 7, 2012. Unfortunately, I received a very disturbing e-mail message from Amazon’s Customer Service Department early this morning that stated that the “Estimated Arrival Date for the Nikon D800 is now January 4, 2013 – January 8, 2013″! Can this possibly be true… is Nikon having some kind of serious production and/or delivery problems with the new D800? I certainly hope not… I was really looking forward to receiving one of the new D800′s for my birthday next month! Does anyone have any additional information about this “possible delivery delay” for the new Nikon D800?

  4. According to the BH website, they will not charge your credit card until the camera ships. I pre-ordered the D800 on Feb. 7 and shows up as a “pending” charge.

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