Nikon D800 Unboxing Videos

Nikon D800 Unboxing


The first Nikon D800 cameras are arriving this week, and the obligatory D800 unboxing videos are being posted online. You will see that unlike the first pre-production unboxing video posted on YouTube, the production version of the D800 includes a full printed manual.

Nikon D800 Instructions in PDF Are Available for Download

Nikon D800 FrontThe Nikon D800 Instructions / User Manual is available for download from Nikon. The instruction guide covers both the D800 and D800E cameras. The D800 will be released next week, so you will have to get familiar with the camera features and be ready when your camera arrives.

Download the Nikon D800 Instructions here in PDF format

Nikon D800 Available Again for Pre-order on Amazon

Nikon D800 FrontAmazon has the Nikon D800 and D800E available for pre-order again. Initially, Amazon opened the D800 pre-order on February 6 but quickly closed the pre-order the next day on February 7 due to overwhelming demand. The camera is again available for pre-order.

It is possible that Amazon has confirmation from Nikon about the number of cameras they will receive. Amazon will fill orders as inventory becomes available and is generally very conservative about the number of pre-orders they will accept before closing a pre-order. Ordering through Amazon now will probably mean a relatively quick delivery compared with other dealers who have been accepting pre-orders for over a month continuously.

Recently, Amazon has been the first to list new cameras for pre-order and has the capability to obtain a large quantity and fill orders quickly. They currently state the Nikon D800 “will be released on March 20.” This is sooner than the March 22 date previously quoted by other sources (including Nikon). Some stores receive cameras before the official release date; for example, some Best Buy retail stores received the Nikon D7000 three days before the official launch date.

Pre-Order at Amazon:
Nikon D800 at (USA)
Nikon D800E at (USA)

  • Amazon has a 30-day return policy, no restocking fee, and does NOT charge your card until the camera ships.

International Pre-Order Options:

Nikon D800 at (UK)
Nikon D800 at (Germany)
Nikon D800 at (France)
Nikon D800 at (Japan)

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New Adobe Lightroom 4.0 – Supports Nikon D800 and D800E

Adobe Lightroom 4

Adobe announced the release of Lightroom 4.0. The new version adds support for the latest cameras including the Nikon D800, D800E and D4. New lens profiles include Nikon 85mm 1.8G as well as Sigma and Tokina lenses with Nikon mount.

Lightroom 4 provides extended video support, photo book creation, location-based organization, and enhanced online sharing and emailing. New brushes allow for local control of white balance, noise reduction and moiré removal.

Adobe reduced the price to only $149.95 for the full version, and $79 for the upgrade. The upgrade is available for any previous version of Lightroom.

Adobe Camera Raw 6.7 Release Candidate adds D800 and D800E support

Adobe CS5

Adobe has added new camera and lens profiles for Camera Raw for Photoshop CS5. The new version 6.7 is currently a release candidate. It has gone through initial testing and is available for download, but may be further revised before it is widely distributued to all customers.

Camera Raw 6.7 adds support for Nikon D800, D800E as well as D4 as well as lens profile for the new Nikon 85mm 1.8G lens. Additional support for Canon and Fuji camera and profiles for Tokina and Sigma lenses are included with this release as well.

This release candidate is set expire on May 31, 2012, by which time the final release is expected to be available. The final release may also contain additional cameras and lens profiles.

Download ACR 6.7 release candidate: